Our Lab

In our lab, we use a combination of theory, numerical methods, 3D printing and experiments.

Numerical tools:

  • You can visit our GitLab repository where our custom codes are uploaded. We code mostly in Python, sometimes in Matlab
  • In addition, we use the commercial softwares Abaqus and Comsol for finite element simulations

Our mechanical testing equipment:

  • Instron 5943 (single column, 1kN) with a 500N and a 5N load cells
  • Instron Electro pulse 3000TT (biaxial fatigue machine), with a 3000N/25Nm biaxial load cell
  • Instron 5985 (double column, 300kN) with a 300kN load cell, compression platens, 100kN and 30kN tension grips and a temperature chamber
  • Shaker Tira (1kN)

Our Cameras

  • Phantom VEO 640, 4MPx @ 1400fps
  • 2 Basler 10MPx @ 14 fps (USB 3)
  • 2 Basler 4MPx @ 90 fps (USB 3)
  • 1 Basler 0.25MPx @750fps (USB 3)


Our 3D printers

  • Metal printer Mlab 100R
  • Polyjet printer Connex Objet 500
  • SLA printers Formlabs 2 and Formlabs 3
  • Direct Ink printers Bioplotter Starters series and Hyrel engine SR
  • FDM printers Ultimaker and Felix

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